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Dogwood Denim is a premium unisex workwear brand founded in 2016. All our products are sourced, designed and produced in Vancouver, British Columbia.


We know you care about where your clothes are made.  All our denim is carefully chosen with pure 100% cotton without polyester or spandex. We only work with US and European denim manufactures to ensure a fair working environment. When possible, we bring in organic fabrics and choose only non-allergenic eco-friendly H65 brass hardware.  Our production is based in Vancouver, Canada and we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by buying all our materials and hardware as close to our production facilities as possible.  



We want to empower a new generation of makers to choose quality fabrics, buy fitted comfort and work in clothes that help them focus on being more creative. 


Every body is different.  This is why we aim to accommodate all shapes and sizes from petite to tall and regular to plus sizes.  All our products can be customized to your shape and ability. We aim to create for you a timeless wardrobe that fits you perfectly and can be mixed and matched with other items for new and exciting combinations.  

Practicing intentional living is at the forefront of your life.  Your garment should work with you and for you as you. We want to bring garments into your closet that serve as tools to help you achieve your purpose.