Amy Loomis

Dogwood Denim’s impeccable craftsmanship and guaranteed perfect fit is not exaggerated - and Alina puts so much love into her work that you can’t help but feel (and look) amazing wearing one of her garments!

What motivated you to invest in a custom pair of jeans?

I have been buying jeans in the sanctuary of spandex for as long as I can remember. When I first met Alina, I learned so much from her about raw denim and how a well-fitting pair of non-stretch jeans can be super comfortable and arguably more flattering than their spandex-filled counterparts. I was curious and intrigued about Alina’s value proposition, and figured that of course Dogwood Denim would be the most logical place to invest in a custom pair of raw denim jeans.

What did you enjoy the most about the made to measure process?

It is interesting to trust someone else’s judgment about something as subjective as the fit of jeans. Clearly, Alina is an expert on what fits and is flattering for many body types, so it was really confidence-building when we discussed the muslin fit. She clearly took my preferences about fit into consideration, and augmented my preferences with her experience in pattern development to deliver on exactly what she promised - a great-fitting pair of very high-quality jeans!

How do your one-of-a-kind Dogwood Denim jeans fit into your wardrobe?

When I want to be sure my butt looks good, they are my go-to. Honestly, I am still ‘breaking them in’, but I am confident that they will serve as my favorite dressier AND more casual jean as I wear them for years to come!

What do you love the most about them?

The combination of impeccable craftsmanship and perfect fit. It’s really amazing to know who fit and made my pair of Dogwood Denim jeans, and I think of them just as much as a piece of art as I do a garment.

Why would you recommend investing in made-to-measure jeans?

Dogwood Denim is just as focused on women’s positive self-image as it is focused on making a product, and that really impacted my entire experience with Dogwood Denim. Instead of just thinking of this garment as another pair of pants, I think of the love that Alina put into making me feel like I look great in this garment!

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