Care & Repair

Breaking in Raw Jeans

Your new pair of jeans have been tailored to you and will last you a long time. Please take the time to understand how to care for them. Raw denim will stretch and shrink based on wear and will mold to your body over time.

Sanforized Jeans

When you first put on your jeans, they will feel tight and rigid. We size down your jeans as the cotton will stretch to your body. Because the denim is not washed before it gets to you, it still contains starches that were added in material production to keep the fabric straight and smooth.

We recommend you wear your jeans at least a week before the initial wash to break them in.  This helps to stretch the fabric where needed.

Unsanforized Jeans

When you first put on your jeans, they will feel loose.  We sized up your jeans as they will shrink to your size over the course of a couple of washes.

It's ok to wash these jeans right away to start the shrinking process.

All Jeans

You may also find that the buttonholes and waistband will feel hard and buttons might feel difficult to push through. This is normal and will pass within a week. Both have been stabilized to give your garment a long life. After the first wash, the starch will wash out and your jeans will feel significantly softer.

If you want to retain fades and whiskering, wash your jeans as little as possible. When you wash your jeans, you redye all fades with the excess dye removed from your jeans. Having said that, your jeans have been designed to be washed and dried.


Turn your jeans inside out, wash on cold, then line dry your jeans. This method will preserve the size of the jeans for the longest possible period. If your jeans develop creases in the wash, smooth them out before hanging them up to try to avoid setting in the crease. Lightly tug in the direction opposite of the crease and smooth with your hands. You can also use an ironing board and iron with plenty of steam on wet jeans. Gently press the area take out any creases. Once the jeans are dry, you can press them with an iron on the cotton setting.  After the initial break-in period, you may experiment with throwing your jeans in the dryer on low.

Shrinking or stretching your jeans

As you wear your jeans, you may notice that they will stretch over time.

The best way to shrink your jeans is to start increasing the temperature on your wash and machine dry. The shrinkage needs to be performed gradually.  If you have just received your jeans and you feel that they are loose, throw them in the recommended cold water wash and line dry. After that, wash on cold and dry on low. After that wash on warm and dry on low. Remember to check for creases between wash and dry cycles as drying with a crease will set and fade the crease making it somewhat permanent.

The best way to stretch your jeans is to continue to wear them all the time. If you have outgrown them, give them to a friend to wear.

Indigo transfer

Be careful with your new jeans around light-colored clothing, shoes and seating. It’s very common to dye your light coloured shoes with the hem of your jeans. Protect your shoes with a sealing treatment to avoid permanent fastness.


At this point, we do not offer a repair service past general warranty. Take your jeans to a local tailor to darn and patch rips and holes.

Donate or Recycle

If your jeans are still in great condition but the love is gone, please consider donating your jeans to someone who can refashion and enjoy them as a new-to-them item.


One year warranty on all manufacturing defects.  Email us through the contact page to receive a prepaid return label.

Lifetime warranty on all hardware.  If you lose a button or a rivet, send your jeans back to me and I will replace the missing piece.