Hannah Fariss

Working with Alina to design and fit my custom jeans was a wonderful experience. I wear my made-to-measure jeans all the time, and they get better with every wear! They are incredibly well made and just what I wanted, so I know I will enjoy them for many years to come.

What motivated you to invest in a custom pair of jeans?

Sustainability is a big factor for me when buying clothing. If I’m not buying vintage or thrifting, I try to purchase clothing that is well made, is something I will wear for a long time, and is manufactured ethically. I wear jeans all the time, so it made sense to invest in a custom pair. I’m also not a fan of stretch denim or distressed denim, which makes shopping for women’s jeans difficult!

What did you enjoy the most about the made to measure process?

Working with Alina to design my jeans was my favorite part of the process. Thinking critically about my clothes and considering what features I like in my current closet was really rewarding. The fitting was also an amazing process! We all have clothes that we know don’t fit us, but having someone explain to you why they don’t fit (ie. what is wrong with the pattern, not you) is fascinating and empowering.

How do your one-of-a-kind Dogwood Denim jeans fit into your wardrobe?

I wear them 3-4 times a week now, and I’m happy every time I put them on. I’ve worn them to work, out on the town, and even horseback riding. I designed my pair with an extra long cuff which adds versatility. I’m pretty hard on my clothes, so I love that the heavy denim is up to whatever project I’m taking on.

What do you love the most about them?

My jeans get more comfortable and more beautiful the more I wear them! It’s really amazing how much they change over time. I went for the heavier denim and they were quite stiff to begin with. Now that they are broken in, they are comfortable AND I don’t feel like I have to baby them. I know that they are going to last a very long time.

Why would you recommend investing in made-to-measure jeans?

There are lots of good reasons to invest in made-to-measure clothing! Maybe you want to support women owned and run businesses, purchase more sustainable clothing, or have a hard time finding jeans that fit you. For me, the clothing I wear has a big impact on how I feel day-to-day. Putting on a pair of jeans that fits me just so gives my confidence a little boost. Having the perfect made-to-measure jeans has also encouraged me to get rid of all the pants I didn’t really like, but kept out of fear that I wouldn’t have anything to wear!

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