Jamie Hirano

My Dogwood Denim jeans are the pants that I have been searching for! From the wonderful fit to the materials to the process, I love every aspect of my jeans! My custom fit jeans make me feel wonderful when I wear them.

What motivated you to invest in a custom pair of jeans?

I believe in investing in clothing that is well made and supports my values of quality local and sustainability. I choose to make investments when purchasing clothing knowing they will last in terms of durability, style, and fit. Dogwood Denim fits into my purchasing practices perfectly. I am short, 4’11¾” to be specific,  while I have been able to find jeans that fit my hips and waist as far as legs go, the proportions were always wrong. In my Dogwood denim not only do I feel great but they actually fit my body and look like it. They just look like normal jeans and that is the beauty of custom jeans, they are made to fit my body the way I want my jeans to fit.

What did you enjoy the most about the made to measure process?

I loved picking out all of the materials for my jeans. While my jeans look like something I could buy off the rack, it was such a pleasure to have the design control when picking out every little detail!  

How do your one-of-a-kind Dogwood Denim jeans fit into your wardrobe?

Jeans are a mainstay in my wardrobe. For the past few years, good jeans have been missing from my closet. I've been searching for an ethical non-stretch classic pair of jeans. I wanted something made with high-quality materials, that I could break in and wear for years to come. My Dogwood Denim jeans are a staple, I wear them year-round multiple times a week. I had been searching for a classic daily jean for a long time and I finally found them. I wear them for work. I can dress them up for a night out. I grab them to wear with a t-shirt for running errands.  They are the pair of pants that I reach for most often.

What do you love the most about them?

There is so much to love about my Dogwood Denim Jeans. I love how comfortable they are. I love watching the process of breaking them in. I love how they make feel. I love having non-stretch jeans that actually fit me. I love sharing the story of the process.

Why would you recommend investing in made-to-measure jeans?

If you have trouble finding jeans that fit you, invest in made to measure. If you want a customized fit and design, invest in made to measure. If you want to feel great in a pair of jeans that will last a long time, invest in made to measure. If you want an awesome, unique, hands-on purchasing experience, invest in made to measure. If you want to support a small female owned company, invest in made to measure.

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