Lisa Wilson

In the long run, this process will save you money and frustration. As someone who is only 5 foot tall, I finally got a bootcut pair of jeans that fit perfectly around my hips and thighs. No more alterations!

What motivated you to invest in a custom pair of jeans?

My motivation was two-fold, first I wanted to know if a custom pair of jeans would fit better than shopping for a pair in the retail establishments. In the past I had paid $75+ per pair trying to find a good fit.  I'm only five foot tall, with a mature figure, and most jeans I purchased had to be altered in some manner whether it be hemming or adjusting the waistband for gaping. If I bought a pair to fit my hips the waist would often be too large. I also did not want the rise to be so low that parts of my body were revealed when sitting nor too high that I looked like I was wearing "mom" jeans.

The second reason was that I wanted to support an entrepreneur. I love Alina's entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to help support the growth of Dogwood Denim. Alina recognized a need and has created a business to provide clients with a timeless well constructed pair of jeans that are made for the uniqueness of their individual measurements.

What did you enjoy the most about the made to measure process?

The part I enjoyed most was trying on the muslin and working out any final tweaks. This process was done remotely with the help of one of my friends, who also happens to be a sewing coach. The muslin was 90% there, as far as fit, with just a few tweaks made to the crotch curve and to the waist.

How do your one-of-a-kind Dogwood Denim jeans fit into your wardrobe?

My Dogwood Denim jeans are a go-to pair when I want to go out and have a polished look with boots.  These will not be one-season jeans.

What do you love the most about them?

I really like the fit through the thighs and hips.

Why would you recommend investing in made-to-measure jeans?

In the long run, a custom pair a jeans can save you money in alteration costs and in just wasting money on multiple pair that may or may not fit.

Are these the jeans you are looking for?

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