Measure your Body

Please take the time to take the measurements accurately as they will be reflected in the sample you will receive. It is best to wear a pair of leggings that fit comfortably around your waist and hips and are neither too tight or too loose. You may choose to have a friend help you to ensure accuracy.

In preparation for the measuring, position your leggings around your waist where you want your jeans to sit. Alternatively, you can find a piece of either an elastic, tape, yarn or even a shoelace that will fit around your waist. It is important that the tape doesn't move during the taking of your measurements as it will serve as a starting point for a few measurements. You can use a couple of safety pins to secure the tape in place over your clothing. If you choose a wide band, make sure to measure to the top of the band and not the bottom.

When measuring, hold your measuring tape snug (as snug as you would want your jeans to fit) around your body but don't squeeze yourself or let the tape get loose.


Measure your waist around the top of the tights.  Make sure the tape stays parallel to the ground. 


Measure your hips around the widest point below your waist but above your crotch.  Try to find the largest measurement, usually the peak of your bum in the back. Make sure the tape stays parallel to the ground.  Do not measure around your thighs. 


Measure at your side the distance to the floor. To get an accurate measurement step on the tape and pull it taut. 


Measure from the inside of your legs to the ground.  You can use the same step-on-tape technique as before. 

Crotch length

Measure the length between the centre front of the waistband to the centre back of the waistband.


Measure at the largest point on your thigh which is usually about 1-2 inched below your crotch point.  Only measure around one thigh not both.  If your thighs are different size, pick the larger measurement to submit.


Measure at the largest point on around your knee.  You can bend your knee a little to make sure you capture the measurement at the fold. 


Measure at the largest point on around your calf. 

Ankle with heel

Point your toes.  Measure around ankle and heel.  This measurement determines the smallest possible leg opening.  

Body images

Wearing the same attire as for the measurement, take three pictures of your lower torso.  These are required to assess the weight distribution on your body as measurements only tell us how much but not where the weight sits on your body.




That's it!

You are ready to order your jeans or check out our customization page for the multitude of options we offer.