I consider collaboration with customers the cornerstone of my business. While fit is universal, style is completely subjective and requires thoughtful communication. 

I want you to get the jeans of your dreams.  In order to do that, spend some time contemplating what works you and what will fit best into your lifestyle.

Step 1 | We meet, talk jeans


Step 2 | Yes, this is where the tape comes out


Step 3 | Ohhhh the choices!



Step 4 | Sample tryouts


Step 5 | Now I get to cutting and sewing


The whole process of perfect made to measure jeans takes about 30 hours of work.

There are no shortcuts to a perfect pair. From your consultation to measurements and the perfect pattern to fitting, alterations, production and your fit guarantee, you have purchased the best fitting jeans on the planet.

If you are not perfectly happy with your jeans, I want to know!


How to take care of your jeans