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I know why you are here. Just like millions of other women you have trouble finding jeans that fit.

You are busy and you don't have time to be disappointed with endless shopping excursions that leave you either empty handed or force you to compromise with a “good enough” pair that constantly needs hiking up, pinching your stomach or exposing your underwear when you sit. I am glad you are here because this guide will help you find the right jeans for your body, spot the quality details worth the price tag and leave the junk behind.


My name is Alina Kroeker and I am a denim expert.

Are you tired of shopping for jeans?

Your perfect jeans are just one click away. Join the many women who have said no to endless shopping trips and online returns, no to disappointment with yet another brand or service and said yes to a sexy butt, yes to endless confidence and compliments, and yes to ditching their countless tights collection for a more confident and beautiful you.

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