My name is Alina Kroeker and I am a denim expert

When you tell me you can't find jeans that fit I understand. Why? Because I've been there. 

Throughout my life, I wore denim. About ten years ago when I arrived in Vancouver,  I was in love with some of the nicest jeans brands out there. One of my favorite things to do were shopping trips to Seattle to paw through some of the great sales the city had to offer.

However that all ended when my body changed. Suddenly, I was outside the regular size ranges on jeans that I loved and cherished and even depended on for everyday comfort. So I traded my jeans for tights, which is easy to do in this city where it rains all the time and boots are also a go to staple. A couple of times I broke down and bought less than great jeans, and whether it was quality or fit, they all wound up in the back of my closet because of poor fit, shrinkage or holes.

Being a professional I had a good income and could afford to spend money on myself, however no matter now much money I wanted to throw at the problem, there were simply no options for me. Although I worked in a pretty casual environment, I didn’t want to come to work in tights all the time. I was really down on myself. I loved wearing jeans so much I wanted that feeling back! That feeling where your look at your butt in the mirror and tell yourself you are awesome! 

Over the last 5 years, it’s become my calling to create a boutique jeans service for women. My mission is to design exceptional fit, choose premium materials and make your butt look like a million bucks. I am a designer, pattern maker and a micro manufacturer that does everything in house to create the exceptional jeans that you will love for years to come.

The Dogwood Denim boutique experience starts with a personalized and confidential measurement process, fit analysis and conversations with you, so that the perfect pair of jeans is born. After that, you can sit back and relax as I create a fit sample, and you choose from a myriad of color options that easily go from day-cool to night-sophisticated.

Your perfect fit is waiting for you!

Are you tired of shopping for jeans?

Your perfect jeans are just one click away. Join the many women who have said no to endless shopping trips and online returns, no to disappointment with yet another brand or service and said yes to a sexy butt, yes to endless confidence and compliments, and yes to ditching their countless tights collection for a more confident and beautiful you.

Are you ready to feel amazing in your new jeans?