I know why you’re here. Just like millions of other people you have trouble finding the right jeans.

And by “the right jeans” I mean, no more compromising quality, comfort or style. 

No one wants to compromise with a “good enough” pair that you are constantly hiking up, that are pinching your stomach or the dreaded “plumber butt” syndrome. You are busy and you don't have time for those endless shopping excursions that leave you either empty handed or disappointed. 

What you need is a denim specialist. The only way, to get perfect fitting jeans is to have them custom made, to your measurements from quality materials by a denim tailor.

I offer a customized process that is simple, user friendly and leaves you with jeans that provide, quality, fit and style you have been searching for.

Over the last 5 years, it’s become my calling to create a boutique jeans service for men and women. My mission is to design exceptional fit, choose premium materials and make your butt look like a million bucks.

Now, your perfect jeans are just one click away.

Join my denim tribe who have said NO to endless shopping trips and online returns, no to disappointment with yet another brand and service and no plumber butt or mom/dad jeans. And YES to endless confidence and compliments, and ladies, yes to ditching their leggings collection for a more confident, fashionable and empowered you.

Are you ready to feel amazing in your new jeans? The perfect jeans are waiting for you!

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I offer three types of jeans making services

Made to Measure

Simple, easy and customized to your unique body. I make the process of crafting your custom made, sustainable sourced and completely one-of-a-kind denim completely effortless. 

True Fit

Do you have a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove and you wish you had 5 pairs of them? Send me your favorite pair and I will make you a pattern that you can customize as many times as you like!


Do you love your Dogwood Denim so much you want another pair? You choose the colours, hardware and fabrics and I’ll do the rest. 

How will your jeans fit?

Explore the stories of different women who decided to invest in a pair of made to measure custom jeans.

Meet Hannah

Working with Alina to design and fit my custom jeans was a wonderful experience. I wear my made-to-measure jeans all the time, and they get better with every wear! They are incredibly well made and just what I wanted, so I know I will enjoy them for many years to come.


Meet Amy

Dogwood Denim’s impeccable craftsmanship and guaranteed perfect fit is not exaggerated - and Alina puts so much love into her work that you can’t help but feel (and look) amazing wearing one of her garments!


Meet Lisa

In the long run, this process will save you money and frustration. As someone who is only 5 foot tall, I finally got a bootcut pair of jeans that fit perfectly around my hips and thighs. No more alterations!


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